1. How long do you need to make a dress?

We need minimum of 6 months to make the gown you ordered (exclude shipment time). Some dress may need more or less, please contact us before you place your order.


2. Do you custom make?

Yes we do. We accept custom design wedding-dress/evening-dress only by appointment with our designer in the studio. We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


3. What size do you carry?

We carry standard UK sizing system for online shopping. Some models are able to be made on requested size.


4. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do ship worldwide, though not all models will be available.


5. Can I request alterations after I receive the dress?

Yes, you can send the dress back to our studio, but we need a minimum of 1 (one) week to make the alterations. Another option is to bring the dress to a tailor in your town. Please contact us for assistance.


6. Can I return the dress?

You can. However, we can only provide 50% refund on the dress, excluding shipping costs.


7. Do you rent your dress?

We have dresses for rent at the studio only.